Sick of the Hate

So, first off, I have to say that was a pretty awesome final table. I mean, is there a better way to start the WSOP than a four-way battle between Andy Bloch, Kathy Liebert, Nenad Medic and Mike Sexton? You have; One of the best tournament players in the world, fresh off a 2nd place … Read moreSick of the Hate

Meet The Press

How do I do this to myself? I’m starting to blog at 5:10AM and I’m not really sure how it got this late. Seriously, it was a pretty mundane day at WSOP; no final tables, no massive drama. I didn’t play a hand of poker today, so where did the time go? For one, it went … Read moreMeet The Press

Good for poker

Amongst the people I’ve been having interesting conversations with at WSOP is Dr. Pauly Mcquire, the twisted, dark, friendly and wise author of what many consider poker’s best regular blog, the Tao of Poker and Dan Michalski, owner of pokerati. Both have mentioned to me their disdain for the term “Good for poker”. I think … Read moreGood for poker

The Meeting of Minds and the Mouth Only at WSOP

In case you haven’t figured it out, the personalities of poker intrigue me a lot more than the cards. That’s not to say that I don’t love the game, that poker isn’t a never-ending-question-without-any-true-answer-keeping-us-in-agony-as-we-try-to-discern-the-true-secrets-of-the-puzzle-that-we-each-like-to-think-exist-despite-evidence-to-the-contrary. There was a time when I was a solid online player. That timewas a four-year period from 2000-2004 in which I … Read moreThe Meeting of Minds and the Mouth Only at WSOP

Living Up To a Low Standard Another Take to Come on the WSOP Ladies Event

I don’t usually feel much pressure when it comes to writing good articles. I mean, I think I do a pretty solid job overall. I have a solid understanding of the languages of poker and English, I can string sentences together, they’re usually juxtaposed nicely… I get the job done, even if it’s a little … Read moreLiving Up To a Low Standard Another Take to Come on the WSOP Ladies Event